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Leveraging Scientific Principles With a System Crafted for Educators

  • Build your foundation of financial knowledge.

  • Learn how your money flows through your personal economy.

  • Adopt a framework for building your own financial plan.

  • Improve your finances now and prepare for the future.

  • Assess your current and future financial position.

  • Adjust your plan to reach your goals.

  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary wealth transfers.

  • Personalize your financial strategies.

Implement Our Step - by - Step System and Experience The Million Dollar Difference

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The foundation of your success

begins by mastering the fundamentals of personal finance, and operating with facts to create the financial future you desire.

Live It


Apply the knowledge and create a financial plan for your success than take steps to execute the plan. Course correct as necessary and complete the plan.

Teach It


Share your knowledge and help others along the way. Your family, friends, and students can benefit from the knowledge you posses.

An Elite Coaching Experience Awaits You

Elevate Your Financial Game: Discover a Revolutionary System that Delivers Results

Begin using a trailblazing method designed exclusively for educators. This distinct system paves the way for every teacher to overcome the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities of living on a teacher's salary and retiring on a state pension.


What others are saying

"With David Soliz's guidance, my personal finances have steadily improved, and I feel confident about my financial future."

- Nicolle

"David Soliz is an exceptional financial advisor, providing valuable insights and personalized strategies."

- Hector

"David created a solid plan back in 2000, and was able to retire in 2020. I wish I had met David sooner."

- Joe

video courses available

Master the Fundamentals of Personal Finance

More Money for Teachers Master Course

Every educator faces a set of financial challenges and opportunities that come "built in" to the teaching profession. This course identifies four main obstacles that every teacher will face and also illuminates a path to overcome each obstacle with a set of mindsets and skill sets that every teacher can acquire. Financial well-being and a secure retirement are well within every professional educator's grasp, when they acquire the proper knowledge and take action to apply it to their financial life.

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Mortgage Master Video Course

Your house is probably the largest personal investment you will make. How you decide to pay for it can create unnecessary financial losses for you. Learn about mortgages and use them in your favor rather than committing a financial mistake that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to you and your family.

Tax Master Video Course

"Anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes." - Judge Learned Hand Taxes kill wealth. The more taxes you pay the less of your money you get to keep. Learning how to legally avoid taxation is definitely a subject that one must learn if they ever want to give themselves a chance at becoming financially independent.

Private Reserve Strategy Video Course

Banks want you to depend on them. The last thing bankers want is for you to become financially independent. This is precisely why you should consider creating your own private reserve strategy and learn to act as your own banker.

Qualified Plans Video Course

Do you really understand how your qualified plans work? Do you really understand all the "qualifications" and controls the government places on your money that is inside qualified plans? Most people do not understand what these plans do and how they really work. It would be in your best interest to learn much more about qualified plans before even $1 is placed inside of a plan like this.

College Funding Video Course

College expenses are increasing 5% to 8% per year. The average annual cost (including room and board) of a state college education is $21,000 and the average annual cost of a private college is $42,000. Proper planning for these expenses is a must, since they can be a major factor in your future well-being.

Financial Framework Video Course

Start your planning process with a blueprint for success to guide you. Know which topics are worthy of discussion, and build your base of knowledge and confidence before you meet with any financial advisor.


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